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Darwinia dev on PSN/XBLA differences, PSN challenges


Speaking to CVG, Darwinia+ developer Introversion spoke to the differences between Xbox Live Arcade and PSN, as well as the realities of game development. Regarding why Darwinia+ is an XBLA exclusive, Introversion's Mark Morris noted that independent developers "have to go with whatever [they're] offered," though he'd like to see the game on both platforms. According to Morris, XBLA is preferable because Microsoft greenlight's games from the beginning. "As long as you deliver what you said you'd deliver you're going to launch," said Morris, whereas Sony approves a potential PSN project later in the process, meaning a developer's hard work could eventually be rejected.

Concerning Introversion's current status, Morris noted that the company's future is riding entirely on Darwinia+. He said the game has a "minimum sales figure" that "has to be achieved." If not, said Morris, "Then we don't have enough money to continue going - simple as that." That said, he added that Darwinia+ doesn't have to be a "a massive runaway success," elaborating that performance would have to be roughly equivalent to Jeff Minter's Space Giraffe (an achievable goal if we've ever heard one).

Assuming Introversion stays afloat, its next project will be called Subversion, which utilizes automatic city generation. The developer has previously hinted that Subversion may release on both PC and XBLA.

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