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Dr. Phil lays the verbal smackdown on a FarmVille addict

Dr. Phil recently broke off a piece of uncomfortable truth for one of his show's guests in a sassy manner. This isn't exactly newsworthy – the mustachioed television personality is no stranger to telling things how they are – however, the subject of the intervention is definitely worth further examination: A mother who began to neglect her family in favor of her virtual plantation in FarmVille. We'll give you guys a second to let that sweet sorrow sink in.

On a recent episode of Dr. Phil, a woman named Teresa was confronted by her daughter about her addiction to the casual crop-growing sim. Apparently, Teresa would regularly unplug the house's router to oust her fellow family members from the computer. This kind of thing doesn't fly in Phil's book, who remarked, "you unplugged it because you have a ridiculous addiction to a ridiculous computer game that's interfering with your ability to be a mother." Check out this off-screen preview of the episode containing the depressing exchange.

*For the record, we joined FarmVille just so we could make the image above. We're definitely still not playing it, and we definitely don't need neighbors to come help out because, hey, those crops aren't going to fertilize themselves.

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