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EA: Sims 3 is top selling PC game in 2009 worldwide

It seems virtual voyeurism never goes out of style. A recent Electronic Arts press release has informed us that The Sims 3 was last year's best-selling PC game across the globe, according to Chart-track UK, NPD Group, GfK and the publisher's own internal estimates. We imagine a bit of number crunching went into the aforementioned estimates -- we don't think they'd leave that kind of thing to water cooler talk. "So, what do you think, Mark? Best game ever? Yes, great. It's official."

The EA presser also boasts the company's optimistic outlook on 2010, as the Sims 3 community continues to tinker around with the Create A World tools. Check out this neat, Robinson Crusoe-esque Machinima to see what these tools are capable of!

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