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EntroSys motorcycle air conditioning and heating system now taking pre-orders, we wants it (video)

Tim Stevens

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We'll go ahead and say what you're thinking: a silver hose running up the front of your jacket doesn't really augment any established motorcycle style. This thing looks like a canister vac that's gone rogue and hitched a ride on a pillion seat, but after reading the literature and watching the video below we want one anyway. It's the EntroSys Motorcycle Air Conditioner and it not only cools but also heats, meaning it could be the perfect accessory for those who want to extend their riding season into either the middle or end of the year. It clips on the back of the bike and gets wired in to the battery, the hose running to a special vest worn under your gear. A wireless controller mounted on the bars raises or lowers the temp, and while you will admittedly look utterly ridiculous wearing the thing you might be the only one not sweating to death when you get caught in traffic -- unless of course you're of the flip-flop and tank-top variety. If that's the case, thanks for the high insurance premiums!

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