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Finally, Harlequin romance novels on DS


DS games are great, and those 100 Classic Books are pretty classic and all, but they lack heaving bosoms. Nintendo of Japan and developer Genius Sonority are stepping in, shirts open and hair flowing gently in the wind, to come to the rescue of romance-starved DS owners with Love Stories for Adults: DS Harlequin Selection, a cartridge of Harlequin romance novels, out in Japan on February 25.

The cart contains 33 romance novels, five of which (gasp) are new to Japan. It also features summaries of previously read segments, a glossary, music and text size options, and even charts of characters' relations to each other.

Sure, romance novels may not be what we're all into, and e-books may not necessarily need to be collected on cartridges like this, but we are fully in support of the use of the DS for the delivery of books -- and we like the ideas behind all the enhanced content.

[Via Andriasang]

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