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Global Agenda early start and preorder bonuses detailed

Eliot Lefebvre

You've gotten all the news and updates, and you've even gotten a handy guide to conquest mode for Global Agenda. If you're ever going to be ready for Hi-Rez Studio's high-action game, it's now. So it's no coincidence that we've gotten news on the game's pre-purchase options, as well as the early start details for all players and the chance to reserve your character name prior to the February 1st launch date. After all, if you've gotten the game via Steam, don't you want to just download and start playing right away? That little grayed-out name is mocking you.

The latest newsletter details the early start, which will allow players to reach Level 10, reserve their character name, and unlock special pre-order items. It's also the only chance that pre-order players will have to claim their No Elves Flair and Commonwealth Helmet. Luckily, it's easy to hop in between January 28th and January 31st, and take a little time to start playing the game and forming Agencies. Beta players will also get the option to keep their character name during the transition to Live, although not their levels or data. Good news all around for Global Agenda fans.

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