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Golden Bumblebee claims to be world's smallest slider phone, dons double KIRFness


Poor Bumblebee! This is one transformation that he and his metallic chums wouldn't be proud of -- it's even got the Autobot logo on the back, presumably without permission. We're looking at the Golden Bumblebee which boldly claims to be the "world's smallest slider phone," but with that KIRF S.T. Dupont label, hint of Vertu's DNA and faux gold paint, we're not sure if it's even legal to be stoked about this. Leaving appearance aside the phone packs quadband 2G, a 2 megapixel camera, stereo speaker, FM radio, mini-USB port, Bluetooth and a whopping 8GB memory. If you can bear the humiliation then it's yours for $179.99 -- if not, see if the promotion video after the break can convince you.

[Thanks, Andy]

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