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HTC posts kernel source for Tattoo, Sprint Hero

Chris Ziegler

The terms of the GPL require that developers of Android handsets out the source code for their phones' platform kernels, something HTC, Samsung, and others have generally been good about (emphasis on "generally") -- and now HTC's gone ahead and pushed a couple more notables into the public domain. The Tattoo and the Sprint-branded version of the Hero are the latest to get their innermost software workings exposed; the Tattoo should be an interesting choice here because it's one of the lowest-end Android sets released to date, and the Sprint Hero's been taking some heat for a while now for its lack of code exposure. We're happy to see HTC stay in compliance, yes -- but really, we're even happier to know that it's now in the hands of people who intend to tear it apart and do cool stuff with it.

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