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iPhone dominating mobile web in Americas and Europe


The news isn't that terribly shocking. AdMob has released its latest report that the iPhone is not only the leading smartphone in North America, but in other parts of the world as well. We've covered some of their previous reports charting the iPhone's growing dominance. The iPhone is topping smartphone operating system use in the following markets:

  • North America: 54 percent
  • Latin America: 56 percent
  • Western Europe: 78 percent
  • Eastern Europe: 51 percent
  • Oceania (including Australia and New Zealand): 92 percent
Apple has yet to overcome Symbian loyalty in Asia and Africa, where the platform has been long-established.

The report also shows that even though the iPhone is still the top smartphone in North America, Motorola's Droid is gaining ground. It was the third most commonly used device, just behind the iPhone and iPod Touch, and the second most-used smartphone. The much-hyped Palm Pre barely takes a sliver of the market here.

You can study the entire report over at AdMob's site.

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