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Rumor: Apple gunning for iPad trademark


Even though the WSJ pretty much broke the story on next week's tablet announcement (when the mainstream media prints something as true, it's true, right?), that hasn't kept the crazy tablet rumors from coming in. Earlier in the week, MacRumors and the no-comment-on-the-name delivered more evidence that Apple is fighting for the "iPad" trademark. While it's already nailed down the name elsewhere, in the US, Fujitsu actually originally applied for the moniker, though Apple has made the case to the FTC to pick it up since Fujitsu has "abandoned" it and no one else has used it. There are filed requests to keep the deadline open for complaints against Fujitsu's claim, with an FTC ruling that holds the trademark unclaimed through February 29th. Could be that Apple just wants to avoid confusion with iPod -- it could be the tablet's new name.

Of course, if Apple does name the tablet "iPad," I'll eat my hat. That's a terrible name, even worse than the already hated "iSlate." I can see why Apple would want to get the "i" in there, but what will be interesting is to see if they consider this device an extension of the iPod and iPhone lines or part of the Mac series. Personally, I'd much rather buy a Mac Slate or a Mac Reader (or just an Apple Slate) than an awkward name with the "i" squeezed in front of it. And yes, Canvas is pretty good, too. We'll have to see what the company eventually decides on later this week.

[via Mashable & MacNN]

Update: A legal source of ours says this is not tablet related -- not only does Fujitsu have more right to this trademark than Apple does, since they're the senior user and they've actually sold a product, but Apple is probably only filing for it so they can keep a lock on anything that sounds like "iPod," not because they want to call the tablet "iPad." False alarm. We guess that we'll see plenty of those in the runup to next week's announcement, so keep your cynical hats on.

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