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The Elven Agenda: What Hi-Rez doesn't want you to know


"In Global Agenda, there are no elves."

That's what we've been told for over a year now. Hi-Rez's Spy-Fi shooter has almost staked it's entire existence on the removal of Elven kind from the gaming scene, which has certainly earned them a nasty reputation with the Sylvaen-American equal rights camps.

But we here at Massively have confirmed, through a diligent study of Global Agenda, that Hi-Rez may be deceiving its own player base. While the company may take a hardline stance against elves, their actions speak very differently.

Take, for example, the Recon class... or should we say the Elven class? Follow along readers, for we have evidence to back up our claims!

Piece of Evidence #1 -- Technology, or fine Elven craftsmanship?

Right as we're introduced to the Recon class, there's one weapon that makes them stand out -- their sword. The Ghost Sword is one of the main weapons of the Recon's arsenal, perfect for backstabs and slowing the enemy down for a stealth kill. But how much technology has gone into the craftsmanship of this melee weapon?

At first glance it seems hi-tech enough, featuring beautiful metal sharpened with a laser edge, but further inspection turns up elements of Elven craftsmanship. The sword possesses a sleek, curved edge and shortened that's dominant in Sylvaen sword design. However, the most damning element of the sword is the the detailing near the hilt. Instead of a power generator or technological hook-up, the sword features a very prominent rune. A rune!

This, dear readers, begs the question if the sword really has a laser edge, or if it's really enchanted to look like it has a laser edge! This might just be high-Elven trickery that we're seeing here, for what truly technological sword would be in need of a rune on it's hilt!

Piece of Evidence #2 -- Build time, or casting bar?

In Global Agenda's first anti-Elven advertisement, an Elven sorcerer prepares a fireball spell, only to be shot at by the Recon's sniper rifle. It appears that the Recon has no such "casting bar" restrictions on this technology, as he jumps right into action with his trusty rifle... or is this piece of Global Agenda propaganda leaving out some trace details?

This "mine" placed by the Recon has a suspicious timer on it. While the help files may say that this timer is nothing more than the mine's set-up routine, we here at Massively know what it really is -- a spell preparation timer. Obviously these "mines" are nothing more than pre-made spell focuses which the Recon (or should I say Elfcon) tosses out into the battle. Real mines don't need "set-up routines" -- they blow up when someone walks in range, case closed!

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