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Champions devs looking for player feedback on melee powers

Kyle Horner

Cryptic is looking for constructive player feedback on the melee powers in Champions Online. You can post your thoughts over on this thread created by Daeke on the official forums. With power sets being such an integral part of what makes this game tick the way it does, this is a prime opportunity to have your voices heard. You'll need a forum account, but besides that it's open to anyone looking to respond.

Now, we know some of you harbor an unfettered distaste for the brand of MMO superherodom found in Champions Online, and that's wholly your prerogative. If you find yourself wanting to let the developers have a piece of your mind, just make sure you do it in a manner that's both organized and constructive. Red-faced yelling -- or its online equivalent -- won't get your feedback taken seriously by anyone with the authority to actually do something about it.

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