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Registrations open for SL Pro! conference, February

Tateru Nino

Registrations are presently open for SL Pro! a two day conference being run by Linden Lab for 'serious' professional Second Life content-creators to take place in late February this year, in Second Life itself, with a bit of help from NMC (the New Media Consortium).

Unfortunately, it's a conference with more than one track, where the two tracks generally have a fair bit of overlap, so that's a bit of an issue. The two tracks are building and scripting, each with eight sessions.

The conference is being held mid-week, with a little setup on Tuesday 22 February, before going into full swing on the Wednesday and Thursday, where the schedule will be tracking US Pacific business hours.

Things mostly kick off with a short welcome from Glenn Linden at 11:45PM (Pacific time) on Wednesday 23 February. At 1PM Tom Hale has a keynote on "Linden Lab strategy and goals for 2010". Hopefully the Lab will have learned from its previous "roadmap" efforts through the second half of 2009 and actually put some useful material in this time. We can only hope.

The only other timetabled session on the schedule so far is Jonty Glaser with a 1PM keynote on the Thursday, "Build your business and create content the Stiletto Moody way: Lessons learned from Second Life's largest virtual goods brand."

You can find the preliminary timetable and the list of (so far) confirmed sessions at the NMC Web-site.

In order to register for the conference, you'll need a Second Life account and an account at NMC (which can be handled from the registration page). Standard registration for the conference is US$99, which rises to US$149 after 11:59PM (Pacific) Friday 19 February.

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