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The Daily Grind: Do double exp weekends draw you in?


Last weekend, EverQuest II just finished up with a double experience weekend while this weekend we can look forward to Aion hosting one on their servers. Double experience weekends seem to be a new trend in the industry -- a marketing opportunity that gives players a reason to pull out their characters and drop in on the weekend for a good time and some quick levels.

So with all of these double experience offers being flung around, we wanted to get your take on these level up weekends. Do they draw you back into playing a game that you're not currently addicted to? Do they get you to play on the weekend when you normally wouldn't touch your computer? Or are they something you ignore completely, only taking advantage of by accident when you happen to log on during one of these special events?

Take out your fingers, place them on the keyboard and start typing. When you're done with your thoughts, slap that "submit" button, stand up, and scream "I HAVE AN OPINION!!!!!" like He-Man has the power.

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