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This in-wall iPod dock doubles as a home automation controller

Ben Drawbaugh

Although we usually think it is crazy when an iPod dock costs more than the iPod, this new one from iPort is pretty slick. Rather than just be an in-wall iPod dock that gives those with whole home audio and automation controllers two-way interaction with your music, this one doubles as a control point. What you do is drop the iPod Touch or iPhone into the dock and slap on the magnetic face place -- which looks kinda funny with those squares on it. At this point you can not only access the music on the iPod, but you can also control your lights and other aspects of your home automation system from the same point -- a pretty good idea, we have to say. Not only does this reduce the number of in-wall devices, but we'd bet when the price is announced it'll be considerably less than the $1000+ that other in-wall touch screen controllers will run you -- not to mention capacitive instead of resistive.

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