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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup will miss you, Conan

Though we know the gargantuan, scarlet-coiffured late night host ... err, former late night host will soon find new (and hopefully more stable) employment, we're going to miss him profoundly. Not only did he provide us with regular belly-laughs, he also began frequently poking fun at video games during sketches on The Tonight Show. In that sense, we've not only lost a great entertainer -- we've lost a brother in arms.

Cheer yourself up after that depressing assertion by checking out our seven favorite gaming-centric comics from the past week, which we've posted below. Vote for your favorite after the jump, and let us know what strips we may have missed out on in the comments!

Contagious (Brawl in the Family)
Bayonetta (Another Videogame Webcomic)
Sounds Dark (SideScrollers)
Tortoises and Hares (2P Start)
No One Likes Superman (Virtual Shackles)
Divine Comedy (Pondering the Obvious)
Hardly What I'd Call Conviction (Monday Night Crew)


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