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Crapgadget: 'no rhyme or reason' edition

Darren Murph

Amazingly, these waves of Crapgadgets tend to showcase some sort of mini-trend. Oftentimes it's a certain fondness for USB overkill, while other times it just feels like gaudy is the new black. This go 'round, however, we're looking at a veritable cornucopia of lameness. Eager to drop a Jackson to enjoy one of the most non-ergonomic wooden mice to ever see the light of day? Now you can. There's also the common issue of not being able to see text in a book while in pure darkness, but rather than just flipping a light switch or changing time zones to locate the sun, there's a wearable necklace to do the trick. Believe it or not, the list just keeps on getting better, with a machine gun-styled USB drive, heart-shaped telephone and a USB scent flower rounding things out. Dive into dumpster below if you dare, and drop your vote for the worst of the worst in the poll below.

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