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The MacView: An incredibly well-done concept tablet


Here at TUAW, we've been treated to so many concept drawings and fake photoshopped tablets over the past several months that we've become somewhat jaded about them. However, Polish designer Patrycjucz Brzezinski's concept for an Apple tablet, named the MacView, is so well done that it deserves mention. The MacView was developed as a diploma project for Brzezinski, and if the work shown on various Web sites is any indication, he may go far in his career as a designer.

The concept of the MacView is different: rather than a single slab of aluminum and glass that looks like a large iPhone, Brzezinski has a "slider" design made out of carbon fiber materials. The MacView can be used as simply a tablet, or the slider section -- which is also a display -- can turn into a nook-like sub-display showing a Cover Flow view of files or songs, or into a full-sized virtual keyboard when pulled out a bit further.

Brzezinski's vision doesn't stop at the design of the device. He's also created an iMac-like dock for the MacView into which the device can be placed to turn it into a full desktop machine. He even designed packaging for the MacView.

The Pineapple Blog
has many of the concept drawings with English translations, and you can see the full portfolio over at The Behance Network.

Thanks to Wojtek for the tip!

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