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Dungeon Fighter Online announces major content update

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Not content to sit idle after their last update, Nexon has announced another major content update for Dungeon Fighter Online, entitled Threshold of Power.

The game is still in open beta but doesn't lack for content, and players that have been enjoying Dungeon Fighter Online for a while will appreciate this update when it arrives. The level cap will increase to 50, and the update will add hundreds of new items as well as lots of new quests and skills. Seven new dungeons will be added, offering up variety in the form of everything from a huge walking tree invading Frostfield to hordes of skeletons and the Death Dragon Spirazzi in The Catacombs.

If players find the content a little daunting, they'll like the addition of Advanced Avatar Items, the other major feature being added with the update: "these rare Avatar items offer a boost for Dungeon Fighters and when collecting a set of eight pieces, players gain additional boosts. "

The update will arrive on January 27th, so gear up and be prepared for the new challenges!

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