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'Just Dance' just keeps groovin' atop UK charts


In what is likely an unearthed Dalek conspiracy, Chart-Track's UK sales chart reveals that Ubisoft's Just Dance is cuttin' a rug at the head of the retail Soul Train for a second week. In a small bit of redemption for those on the British isles, Modern Warfare 2 took back second place. Meanwhile, Wii Fit is biding its time in third, ready to gain its eighteenth wind and jump back up again when it's ready.

Most of the top ten is made up of familiar favorites, with the exception of Army of Two: The 40th Day, which is surely fist-bumping its hold of the fourth spot. Bayonetta and Darksiders, the first two of 2010's numerous high-profile Q1 releases, continue to put up a fight, slipping slightly to 11th and 14th places, respectively. Now could somebody please explain the magic of Just Dance?

Source – Just Dance Fever [GFK Chart-Track]
Source – Latest UK Software Charts [GFK Chart-Track]

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