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Report: Rising Star regains rights to Marvelous games after stock sale


Even though Marvelous Entertainment just sold off its controlling stake in European publisher Rising Star Games, Rising Star will continue to bring Europeans Harvest Moon, No More Heroes and other Marvelous games.

Due to low sales in the West, Marvelous sold its stake in Rising Star to Japanese publisher Intergrow. When this deal was announced late last week, it led to speculation that Rising Star and other publishers would then have to license Marvelous games on a case-by-case basis to publish them in Europe. However, Rising Star managing director Martin Defries told MCV that Rising Star has reacquired the publishing rights in Europe. "I am delighted to have secured further additional backing from an important Japanese company, whilst continuing our content relationship with Marvelous Entertainment," Defries said.

Sales would suggest that an unfortunately small number of people are affected either way, but it should be comforting to some of you to have a reliable pipeline for Marvelous products.

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