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Samsung NC10 hacked to accommodate second mini PCI-e slot


Samsung's NC10 may be getting a tad long in the tooth in the world of netbooks, but it still has its share of fans out there, some of whom are intent on stretching the netbook to its limits. One such individual is Graeme of the SammyNetbook forums, who amazingly managed to add a second mini PCI-e slot to the netbook that he's used to add a Broadcom HD decoder card. Of course, that mod is somewhat eased by the fact that the NC10 actually has a space and the necessary wiring for a second slot, but Graeme still did have to put his soldering skills to use, and simply hope that the NC10's BIOS recognized the extra PCI-e device (it did). Feeling a little brave? Then hit up the link below for all the necessary details and some pics of the process.

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