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Star Trek Online beta extended by one day



Attention to all members of Starfleet. It has come to the attention of Starfleet's admiralty that the recent Borg activity in the Vega system has resulted in several thousand ensigns suddenly being promoted to the rank of captain. A very strange turn of events, to be sure, though Starfleet is no stranger to such events. Just last week, we encountered a race of people that spoke entirely in metaphor. Crazy, right?

In related Starfleet news, a spacetime anomaly (yes, another one) has manufactured an additional day of what we perceive as time. Please note that there is no need to adjust your ship's internal chronometer. The upshot of all this is that the Star Trek Online beta has been extended by twenty-four hours and will now end at 1800 hours (6:00pm Pacific), January 26. We would advise the thousands of improbable new captains to use this time wisely.


[Via Blue's News. Image source: Alex Piskun]

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