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This Wednesday: KrissX will make you jump, jump, solve puzzles on XBLA

It's not a good sign when Xbox know-it-all Major Nelson admits in his This Week on Arcade post that "information on the game is light, so here is what I was able to find." However, we can't blame him -- we'd never heard of KrissX, this week's new XBLA game, before today either.

Apparently, the Blitz Games-developed, Konami-published puzzler tasks players with solving crosswords and unscrambling "over 3,500 jumbled words that will test your trivia knowledge and expand your own daily vocabulary." We're automatically apprehensive about games that try to sneak some education into our entertainment regimen -- we'll have to wait and see if KrissX is actually fun enough to deserve our 800 ($10).

Sadly, we don't think the game has anything in common with Kriss Kross' other ludological outing. Someday, friends. Someday.

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