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Tons of Mass Effect 2 DLC available free right now [update]

Justin McElroy

Here's the deal: We're not going to be the least bit clever or amusing in this post. 1. It's just past 7 a.m. and Uncle Joystiq got a little ... silly last night and do these lights have to be so bright? and 2. We don't want you to waste a second reading when you could be grabbing all the Mass Effect 2 DLC that's currently on Live. You'll find links after the break.

Is it supposed to be up yet? Will it be free forever? There's no earthly (or spacely, for that matter) way of knowing. But do you really want to be the guy that missed out?

[Update: Okay, it looks like all have been pulled now, except the Collector's Weapons and Armor.]

[Thanks, Ryan Gan]

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