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Dead Rising: The Movie puts chainsaws on a wheelchair

Justin McElroy

Though we still don't have a release date for Dead Rising 2, we have gotten first word of a film (Keiji Inafune's directorial debut) based on the series. The title directly translates to "Death Disease Contamination Dead Rising," which we think you'll agree is a pretty great name for a movie. Bonus: With only its first trailer, this thing is already making us confused and a little headachey.

As near as we can tell, it's a movie about four Asian people fighting zombies
in a warehouse with both conventional armaments and a weaponized wheelchair. Oh and some parts are in first person. ... We know, right? This old chestnut again?! If you can stand the tedium, the trailer's right after the break. [Update: Also from Andriasang: The film will apparently be coming to the web (as you may have guessed from the productions values) this year, though 360 owners will be able to watch it early.]

[Via Andriasang]

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