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First Apple tablet game announced ... kind of


Unwilling to wait until the rumored Apple tablet thing becomes a reality (probably tomorrow!), iPhone app developer Stand Alone Inc. announced that it's working on a version of its Crosswords iPhone game for the theoretical device's possible 10-inch screen. "We have been anticipating the Apple tablet as the greatest piece of hardware for App developers since iPhone itself," Stand Alone president Bob Gottlieb said in the announcement, "and Crosswords will be even better on the new device."

The existence of a game for the tablet shouldn't be taken as confirmation of the tablet itself; though we've had plenty of that. Brian Akaka, of Stand Alone's PR firm Appular, told Joystiq that the game design is speculative.

"Stand Alone hasn't received any hardware or specs from Apple," Akaka said. "However, based on the general consensus available publicly, the tablet device is almost guaranteed in our opinion. Thus, the developer has prudently begun work on a new design for the game, in order to take advantage of the expected increase of real estate. The game is being designed to fit a 10-inch screen."

So, in the absence of advance info from Apple, Stand Alone has given itself a head start on tablet development -- it hopes.

[Via Mac|Life; Kotaku]

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