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Monster Hunter Frontier soon stalking beasts on Xbox 360

The identity of the teased "Capcom x Microsoft" title was revealed earlier this morning, bringing about one of those forehead-slapping of course moments -- because of course it's a Monster Hunter game for the 360. To be more specific it's Monster Hunter Frontier, a port of the PC MMO of the same name.

On top of a promotional trailer (which we've posted after the jump), Capcom's released a few details about the game, the most interesting of which is the title's subscription plan. According to Famitsu, Japanese players will be required to purchase Hunter Life Course Coupons for 1,400 yen ($15), which will give them access to the game for 30 days and a one-month Xbox Live Gold subscription. Not a bad deal at all.

The game's official site also went live earlier this morning, and will be updated again on February 1. Keep an eye out for more details in the coming weeks, even though chances of this coming to the West seem slim at best.

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