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New Xbox 360 Japan ads are ... interesting


Microsoft is rolling out some new ads for the Xbox 360 in Japan. Spotted on the Japanese and featuring a trio of businessmen, the ads certainly represent a big departure from the "Do!Do!Do!" ads of yesteryear. The three suits include "Sanrokumaru" (translated 3-6-0) a man with an Xbox 360 sphere for a head. Together, the group forms the Xbox Special Division, which goes forth in order to obtain big name titles for the Xbox 360. One such title is Monster Hunter, which has already been announced by Capcom for the console.

In fact, at end of the Monster Hunter ad -- embedded after the break -- the text translates as "XXXX is next!" and then fills in "XXXX" with "Monster Hunter." As noted by, the promotional site has several spaces filled with Xs, implying that Microsoft has some other game announcements up its sleeve.


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