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Zombieland Blu-ray includes dynamic theme for PS3

Nine out of ten film experts agree that Zombieland was the best movie to come out last year, and expect it to make a strong showing at the Academy Awards. It should already be a no-brainer that you're going to purchase the film when it's released next Tuesday, Feb. 2 -- however, the Blu-ray version of Zombieland includes an unadvertised bonus that might influence you to drop the extra cash for the HD iteration.

According to High Def Digest, if you pop the Zombieland Blu-ray into your PS3, you'll have the option to download a dynamic theme based on the film through the XMB's Game tab. The theme turns the browser's icons red, and changes the background into a rotating gallery of promotional art for the movie. It sounds like a really neat feature -- one that might influence us to purchase more Blu-rays should it become more popular.

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