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AAPL goes on a roller-coaster ride


The above image from SingularityDsgn graphically shows the wild roller-coaster ride that Apple's stock has been on today. It traded at roughly 1.5% below Tuesday's closing price heading into today's iPad announcement, but started climbing during the iBooks announcement. AAPL's stock took a major leap when pricing information was released, and is currently trading around 209.69, up about 1.75% (please note that these numbers fluctuate frequently).

Lots of jumping is about right for any Apple event, though the big jump when price was announced is somewhat surprising. AAPL actually tends to drop after an event, as there are so many rumors flying around ahead of time that investors are easily underwhelmed. But it looks like especially the pricing news won their approval today. As always, this is not official stock information, and you shouldn't make any buy or sell decisions based on what you read here.

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