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Apple's official iPad video, specs page


Apple has updated their website with all kinds of fun iPad information, including an official specs page and the video that was shown at the end of today's event. The thing looks just plain beautiful, but then again this is basically their first ad for the "magical and revolutionary" device, so you'd expect that. You can find screenshots of all the different apps, and see folks like Johnny Ive and Scott Forstall chatting about how awesome it was to work on something so "unbelievable."

Interesting things to note on the official stats page: no camera at all, no Flash support, and while they did talk about a month-long standby battery life this morning, it's not actually listed on the stats page (probably because they can't be certain of which month you're talking about). Also interesting that there are a total of four buttons and controls on the entire device, and the only connector looks to be the dock. We've got to give it to Apple -- even though we haven't been able to touch it in person yet, this is a pretty amazing computer.

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