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Civilized Sid Meier presenting revolutionary keynote at GDC 2010


Sid Meier, creator of Civilization and unwitting architect of countless break-ups over the past 20 years, will keynote the 2010 Game Developers Conference. Meier's presentation will argue that "real-world, historical and mathematical facts cannot form the foundation of a successful game design," but that "the driving force of a game's design should be the psychology of the player."

Meier's keynote will dig deep into psychology, showing designers that "egomania, paranoia and delusion" should be part of their toolkit. Hm, maybe Meier isn't such an unwitting participant in all those divorces after all? GDC will take place March 9-13 at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, and Meier will reveal his tips for mainlining e-crack to the brain on Friday, March 12.

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