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iPad pricing starting at $499, available in 60-90 days


Well, the pundits were wrong when they thought the iPad would cost $999.

Apple announced that the pricing for the device will start at $499 for a Wi-Fi only 16 GB model, going up to $599 for a 32 GB model and $699 for the top-of-the-line 64 GB device.

For $130 more to each of those prices, you'll be able to add pay-as-you-go 3G capabilities to the iPad, which puts the most expensive iPad at a price of only $829. All 3G capabilities are unlocked, although Apple has secured a $29.99 unlimited pay-as-you-go monthly deal with AT&T if you want that.

Availability for the Wi-Fi iPads is 60 days, 90 days for the 3G models, with international deals on 3G coming soon after that.

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