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iPhone OS 3.2 SDK released, supports iPad but covered by NDA


The Apple Developer Center is providing iPhone OS 3.2 beta, complete with iPad developer guides and support for Apple's latest creation. Unfortunately, just as Apple has done in the past, they have enshrouded the details of developing for the iPad in yet another NDA, preventing developers from discussing the OS outside the highly sanitized Apple forums.

It's possible that Apple will lift the NDA once iPads start flying off the shelves (or cargo containers) in about 60 days, but it is disappointing that developers continue to be hamstrung by what is, frankly, a futile effort to contain SDK details. The idea of an NDA is great, and it is an agreement, but it's not going to deter people from sharing details if they want to send an email or post in a forum. Granted, you won't be developing long if you do this, but doesn't that seem a little ridiculous?

This adversely affects honest developers who wish to share information. Looks like we'll again have to wait for books on development to get the green light once Apple gives their green light. Again.

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