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Nokia Siemens, LG hit LTE speed record

Chris Ziegler

What, 43Mbps not good enough for you? Well, clean room testing doesn't really say much about what kinds of data speeds we'll be seeing in the real world -- but for what it's worth, LG and infrastructure joint venture Nokia Siemens have announced that they've hit a new speed record for an LTE Class 3 device: 100Mbps. The tests were performed at Nokia Siemens' facilities in Germany and Finland using pre-production USB modems from LG operating in the 2100 and 2600MHz frequencies, but they're not stopping to celebrate -- work is now turning to tests in other bands that'll be used for LTE around the world and to upping performance even further. That's a good thing, we'd say, because past experience tells us that transfer rates in actual use are a mere fraction of what we read on the spec sheet.

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