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Six supposed new Archos models rendered for your speculative enjoyment

Tim Stevens

Archos hasn't seemed to secure much love for its latest, the Archos 9 tablet, so maybe it's going back to what it does best for its next suite of products: a quintet of mostly straightforward players along with a titillating new flavor of the Archos 7. First is the simple and cheap Archos Key, a €20 device with 4GB of storage and microSD expansion. Then there's the Archos Vision Slim, a slenderized and button-free version of the original Vision, again packing just 4GB of storage but going for €40 this time. Next is the Archos Yamaha Vision 2, with an internal amp from Yamaha, integrated stereo speakers, and undisclosed storage quantity and price. Next we have the Archos 4 Vision, a 4.3-inch touchscreen model with TV output, microSD expansion, and what was previously understood to be 16 and 32GB of storage. Finally, perhaps the most interesting, is the Archos 3 Vision Camera, an 8GB player with an integrated camera that could make this into a Flip-replacing media player -- depending on the quality of the video, naturally. Oh, and did we forget to mention the purported Archos 7 with Android? It's worth restating. All are decidedly rendery looking and naturally this is all unconfirmed, but golly don't they look pretty.

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