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Sling offers app update for Windows phones that includes 3G streaming on AT&T

Mel Martin

Well, thanks AT&T. In the past I've vented my frustration that the much awaited SlingPlayer Mobile app for the iPhone was crippled by a new AT&T rule that didn't allow place shifting of TV signals on their network. The rule appeared to be specifically written to ban the SlingPlayer.

As a result, the best Sling could offer to iPhone users was a version that only worked on Wi-Fi so the fragile AT&T network didn't get dinged.

Now, Sling has announced a new version of the SlingPlayer Mobile version 2 for Windows phones that supports both Wi-Fi and the AT&T 3G network, and runs on the HTC Pure, Tilt II, as well as on some HTC phones on T-Mobile and Sprint.

Now this is not something the folks at Sling did, but AT&T is mighty selective about which phones can stream over its 3G network. Mind you, AT&T has no problem allowing multi-hour baseball games to be streamed using the MLB app, and Orb also allows streaming on the iPhone, even from a remote TV Tuner. Even Ustream and Qik got into the streaming video act.

If Apple ever dumps AT&T (and rumors say that at least AT&T will have competition soon) it won't be soon enough for me. For many customers, they've made a mess of the iPhone experience. I talked to a representative from Sling and he expressed frustration at the situation and added "we're working on it."

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