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A date with Kratos: God of War III hits the US on March 16


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Sony has announced (via PlayStation.Blog) that God of War III will launch domestically on March 16. That's just 47 days away (which is exactly 47 days too many). In addition to firming up the date, SCEA released the final box art (it's rated M!) and revealed that a new trailer for the game -- hopefully showcasing the considerable upgrades it has received since the playable demo hit -- will debut on February 11.

A box shot of the Ultimate Edition has also been released -- a package within which ultimate collectors will find a replica Pandora's Box containing the game (shocking, we know) along with collectibles and DLC (it's digital and physical!). Personally, we find a paltry cardboard box rather unbefitting of such a powerful artifact, so we'll be holding out for a "Supreme Ultimate Edition," which will obviously come in a replica Pandora's Temple on the back of a replica Cronos.

You can see the current, less "Grr! Extreme!" packaging after the break.

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