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Aion players: Watch your e-mails for scams


Keeping your password for your favorite game safe is always a top priority. No one wants to have their accounts hacked or have their passwords lost to someone who's willing to sell all of their items for gold, kinah, or what have you.

So today, as a friendly public service announcement, we here at Massively would like to remind you to make sure you double and triple check any correspondence that looks like it comes from NCsoft or your favorite game company. Today we've received an e-mail telling us that our Aion account password had been changed, and if it wasn't us that we needed to go to the NCsoft master account site and change it back.

We can guarantee you that the link provided was not for NCsoft's account management, but a phishing scam. While the scam letter was pretty obvious, always be wary of e-mails you don't anticipate. If you think there's something wrong, don't click any links in the e-mail -- instead go to your account management website directly to check on your account.

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