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Slingbox DVR streaming due for PS3, says Sling Media VP


Our buddy Leo LaPorte interviewed Jay Tannenbaum of Sling Media the other week on his Tech Guy Labs podcast live at CES, and reader Jason spotted a little bit of news that will be of interest to PS3 owners. The interview starts at about 33 minutes into episode 629, and in his chat with Leo at 33:35, Tannenbaum mentions that the Slingbox software allows you to stream DVR content to anywhere in the world, including "your phone, your laptop, and soon to even the PlayS -- uh, PS3." Leo responds the same way we would, with an incredulous, "Really?" And Tannenbaum answers in the affirmative.

So, wow, there you go. Presumably, you'll still need a Slingbox to actually sling the media out to your console, and obviously there's no word yet of how the software would be delivered to the PS3 (on a disk like the Netflix app, or via a purchased program like the $30 iPhone app), but eventually you'll be able to watch your Slingbox media, even in 1080i, as Tannenbaum says later in the interview, on your PlayStation 3. Interested?

Update: DustoMan in our comments says that Tannenbaum meant streaming Slingbox through the PS3's browser, as shown in these photos at CES. Still works, we guess, but not quite as groovy.

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