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T-Mobile USA offers free BlackBerry Pearl trackball replacement


If you're Pearl's pearl has lost some of its luster -- and indeed some of its control -- we've heard that T-Mobile USA is stepping in to help sort that out. As of the 15th February, BlackBerry Pearl 8100, 8120, and 8320 owners can apparently pop into a T-Mo shop and have it replaced for $free. The only catch is your device has to have been purchased from T-Mobile -- and, we assume, have troubles. Sadly other BB owners with problems can't get this in-store service -- as they require more than a simple pin for the same service -- but we'd imagine enough noise to customer support could help your cause if you're having trouble. We're liking the trend we've seen of late with carriers offering up these random acts of kindness and do hope we'll continue to see more.

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