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Image credit: compromised, e-mails possibly leaked to hackers


Yesterday we reported that a wide number of e-mail password phishing scams were being sent out to Aion users. Today, has sent out an e-mail announcement to all of their users that this new wave of scams may have been due to a hacking attack on their website.

Knite Shadowbane, administrator of AionSource, has posted that had been under hacker attack five days ago on the 24th of January. The staff has since cleared the attack and has proceeded to beef up their security, but today's e-mail to all AionSource members warns that their database could have been used for these phishing scams. So, if you are a member of AionSource, keep an eye out for any unusual e-mails coming your way.

Even if you aren't a member, always remember to check the source of any e-mails coming to you that request for you to "access your account" or "confirm your password" or require you to log into an unverified source.

Knite has also posted a handy guide to securing your account, such as changing your password and installing anti-virus software.

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