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AT&T's messaging plan requirement on 'quick messaging' handsets slipped in with unlimited voice launch

Chris Ziegler

You see, it's just not enough that you're locked into a long-term binding contract with an epic ETF these days, apparently -- carriers need a little more assurance that you're going to make it rain on them after you pick up a subsidized device. Verizon's doing it, and now AT&T's following on from a slightly different angle, it seems. BGR has scored what appears to be some sort of FAQ for sales reps detailing new requirements for AT&T's so-called "quick messaging" range -- primarily midrange feature phones with QWERTY keyboards -- and as the name implies, they now want you to hook up to a messaging package of at least $20. We're being told by AT&T that this requirement was actually put into place back when the carrier tweaked its unlimited voice plans, so if you've bought one of these devices in the past couple weeks, odds are you've got this fine print written into your contract. Enjoy!

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