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God of War III Slurpee tastes like Kratos' fury; it's delicious

When playing the God of War games, we've often wondered, "If Kratos' unflagging rage could be assigned a flavor, what flavor would it be?" Finally, that question will be answered by Mountain Dew and 7-Eleven, which are collaborating on the next advancement in frozen sugar-drink technology: The Kratos Fury Slurpee. We know that sounds like the kind of thing we'd make up for comedic effect, but we assure you, it's berry real.

You can pick up a tall, refreshing cup of Fury (which includes nonconsumable codes for DLC armor and other content) starting February 1, at which point you'll learn that Kratos' anger actually tastes like a pleasant mix of blackberries and lime -- and the blood of a freshly-slain Gorgon. But, yeah, mostly just blackberries and lime.

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