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How would you change Nikon's D300S?

Darren Murph

Nikon's D300S isn't exactly tailor made for D300 owners, but for those waiting patiently to jump into the semi-pro DSLR game, it offers up a pretty delightful array of specs. Boasting SD and CF slots, a 720p movie mode and 12.3 megapixels of sharp shooting goodness, this here cam received overwhelmingly positive reviews late last year. Strategically positioned between the full-frame D700 and the lesser-specced D90, we're sure the D300S found its way into quite a few hearts (and under quite a few trees) between then and now. If you've been firing off snaps with one of these for a few months now, we're curious to know how you'd tweak things if the power were yours. Does the "S" really add enough to the D300 package to warrant the boost in price? How's the image quality? Is the video mode a-okay for your purposes? Spill your heart out in comments below -- we're here to hold your hand if necessary.

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