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Star Trek Online head start patch now available

Adam Holisky

The last patch for Star Trek Online is now available to be downloaded and installed via the Cryptic Launcher. According to Cryptic Community Manager Stormshade, the patch will be the last one before the head start begins. The head start is for players who purchased a pre-order -- if you haven't purchased the STO pre-order and are interested in it, there is still time to do so. More information is available from Cryptic.

If you have been participating in the open/closed beta, your client just needs to be patched up to the latest version. There is no need to download and install an entirely new client. If you want to copy your game installation to another computer to run, just copy the folder across via normal means -- again, no need to download an entirely new client. This patch which you'll get is about 60 megs and is a quick download right now, although that is likely going to change once the masses get to it.

It's also worth reminding people that their beta character has been deleted, and you'll need to start anew.

The head start begins today at 10:00 a.m. PST.

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