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Tengu Black ready to rock your world

Vlad Savov

Did you know that some pseudo-scientists pinpointed January 18 as this year's most depressing day? As we gaze out from the Engadget mansions at the leafless trees and listless mood outside, we can't help but agree that January's a bit of a downer. So to pep yourself up geeky style, why not grab an all-new Tengu Black? It seems a faithful reproduction (i.e. identical but for the color) of the white Tengu, a USB plug-in device that listens to your music and tries to lip sync to it with its LED array contorting into "over 14 different facial expressions." Let's face it, with the Robot Apocalypse all but assured, we should be practicing our love of inanimate objects as much as possible. A video reminder of how the older Tengu does its thing awaits after the break.

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