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The Daily Grind: Are load screens a deal-breaker?


So you're adventuring along, minding your own business on the huge, expansive world map, when you reach a cave. That cave connects you to where you need to go, so you eagerly jump through it only to find... a load screen.

Well, no matter, you're on the other side of the cave and in a brand new area! All you have to do now is reach the entrance to this dark, scary forest so you can find... a load screen.

Ok, well, you're in the forest. Now the quest log says you have to lift up a rock, jump down a hole and slay the... load screen.

Grinders, are load screens a deal-breaker when you consider purchasing your next MMO? Do you look for games that consist of one huge, open world, a la World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings Online or Fallen Earth? Or are you willing to put up with heavily loaded games like Star Trek Online and Pirates of the Burning Sea? Or, third option, do load screens even matter to you at all?

Take your words, put them in the comment box, hit the submit button, and let loose. You know the drill.

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