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WoW Moviewatch: Happy Anniversary


I wasn't sure what to expect when I was tipped off to Happy Anniversary by Britty. I hadn't previously been exposed to her work, so she was relatively unknown to me. This is her fifth machinima, and she started off her notation about the video acknowledging that it's (yet another) Evanescence-inspired WoW video. I'll admit, I didn't have high hopes.

Within a very short time, though, I was completely blown away. Britty's skill for animation is very clear, and her characters are immediately accessible. She's definitely got some amazing chops. She mentioned in her excerpt that she didn't include any voice acting or lip synching for Happy Anniversary because she didn't feel the story required it. I absolutely agree with her. Between the power of the imagery and her perfect timing with the music, she absolutely conveyed the narrative without any additional voices or character singing.

The video has a fairly harsh ending, which I think is appropriate given the context of the video. It's actually a little more raw and gritty than what I was expecting to have happen, so it wins a few style points in my book. This was a great video, and I'm totally going to check out Britty's other work in the future.

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